Saturday, March 25, 2006

"I used to be invincible."

"I used to be invincible. I don't know what happened."

"It's called turning thirty, Eric," an acquaintance explains. The rest of the group just laughs at me. They're all older. We're hiking up Mount Washington on a windy day. I remark that the mountain is a little steeper than it used to be. Apparently there's been some sort of tectonic uplift in New Hampshire during the past few years.

When my next birthday rolls around, I've decided to be 29. Again. I tried out the thirties, and didn't like them. Maybe in a few years I'll give 40 a shot, but until further notice I'm going to reset my clock to age 29. I'm pretty sure I was still invincible then.

Or maybe it's hopeless. Time is my kryptonite.

Just the other day I was visiting a college campus and overheard a group of kids say, "Who's that? A new student?" At first that made me feel really good. I still looked young enough to be mistaken for a college student! (At least from a distance.) Then I realized--when people thinking you're younger than you are makes you feel really good, that's the one sure sign that you're really old.


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